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Powerful Ai-assistant for your shared and received documents

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Use AI assistant in both cases

AI-powered platform revolutionizing document sharing and collaboration. It enables secure document sharing, advanced tracking, and storage, providing users with real-time analytics.

Shared documents

Designed for interacting and improving your documents before sharing

  • ✅ AI-powered insights on shared documents
  • ✅ Enchance document before sharing
  • ✅ Check grammar and errors
  • ✅ Get feedbback on your Pitch Deck or Sales Deck
  • ✅ Turn your Pitch Deck into memo
  • ✅ Compare your Pitch Deck with other
Use Papermark AI

Receive documents

AI functionality helps you to analyse the received document in click

  • ✅ Chat with received documents
  • ✅ Use AI to find info in received doc
  • ✅ Summarise received document
  • ✅ Turn Pitch Deck into Memo
  • ✅ Get quick insigts on Pitch Deck
  • ✅ Compare Pitch Decks with other docs
Use Papermark AI

Chat with your document or one shared with you

Upload your document, pitch deck , sales deck and get insights on it. Instanlty chat with received pdf, or other document.

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AI-Powered Document Assistant
Papermark AI is your personal AI document assistant for interacting with various documents like pitch decks, sales decks, and PDFs, enhancing your document management and sharing experience.
Secure Document Sharing
With Papermark AI, securely share and manage your documents, ensuring confidential information remains protected.
Real-Time Analytics
Get insights into how your documents are being interacted with, including detailed analytics on pitch decks and sales materials.
Custom Link Sharing
Papermark AI allows you to create custom links for your documents, making it easier and more professional when sharing with clients or investors.
Community Support
Leverage the strength of a community that continuously contributes to improving and evolving Papermark AI.
Open Source
Enjoy the flexibility of an open-source platform, allowing you to tailor Papermark AI to your specific document interaction needs.

This looks awesome!! Incredible work – love how the link was automatically copied to clipboard when it's created.

Steven Tey
Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel

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