How to Track Activity on Your Pitch Deck?

Track activity on your pitch deck using Papermark. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to capturing more analytics for your pitch deck.


When sharing your pitch deck with potential investors or clients, understanding how viewers interact with your content can be incredibly valuable. Tracking activity not only informs you of the level of interest but also helps you tailor follow-up communications and refine your pitch. Papermark offers a sophisticated platform for sharing pitch decks securely while providing detailed analytics on viewer engagement. Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to track activity on your pitch deck using Papermark.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Pitch Deck Activity with Papermark

  1. Create Your Account on Papermark: Start by visiting Papermark's website and signing up for an account. If you already have one, simply log in.

  2. Upload Your Pitch Deck: Navigate to the upload section of your dashboard. Papermark accepts various file formats, ensuring your pitch deck maintains its original design and functionality.


  1. Configure Your Document Settings: After uploading, set up the necessary parameters for your pitch deck. This includes deciding on access controls, such as who can view your pitch deck and if they are allowed to download it. You can also add password protection and set an expiration date for the link for enhanced security.

  2. Generate a Trackable Link: Once you've adjusted the settings to your preference, generate a unique, trackable link for your pitch deck. This link will be connected to Papermark's analytics, offering insights into how your document is viewed.

As your link is automaticlly generated, you can se up access controls. Link Permissions

  1. Share Your Trackable Link: Distribute your pitch deck by sharing the trackable link with potential investors or clients through your preferred communication channels. The link directs them to a secure landing page where they can view your pitch deck.

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  1. Monitor Viewer Engagement: Use Papermark's analytics dashboard to monitor how viewers are interacting with your pitch deck. Key metrics include the number of views, the amount of time spent on each slide, viewer location, and more. These insights are crucial for understanding engagement levels and areas of interest or concern within your pitch.


  1. Analyze and Act on the Data: Use the analytics provided by Papermark to refine your pitch deck and follow-up strategy. Tailor your communications with potential investors based on their engagement with specific sections of your pitch deck, and make data-driven decisions on how to improve your pitch for future presentations.

Benefits of Using Papermark for Tracking Pitch Deck Activity

  • Enhanced Security: Control who views your pitch deck with password protection and link expiration features, ensuring your information stays secure.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain deep insights into how your pitch deck is being received, allowing you to identify the most engaging parts of your presentation or areas that may need improvement.

  • Professional Presentation: Ensure your pitch deck is presented in a professional and engaging manner, reinforcing your brand and message.

  • Effortless Updates: Easily update your pitch deck on Papermark, and all viewers will automatically see the most recent version through the same link, ensuring consistency in the information presented.


Tracking the activity on your pitch deck with Papermark provides invaluable insights into investor engagement and interest. By following these steps, you can effectively monitor how your pitch deck is being received, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to improve your presentation and follow-up efforts. With Papermark, you're not just sharing your pitch deck; you're also gaining a strategic tool that helps you understa