Link Permissions

Papermark's link settings are robust and customizable. Learn about each setting and how you can change them to fit your sharing needs.

Link settings

When you share a document via Papermark, you have access to a variety of settings that can be tailored to your preferences. These settings enhance the sharing experience and give you control over how your document is accessed. Here's an overview of the available link settings:

  • Link Name: Assign a unique name to your link for easy identification.

  • Domain: Choose the domain where your document will be hosted.

  • Require email to view: Activate this to make viewers submit their email before accessing the document.

  • Receive email notification: Enable this to get notified by email each time your document is viewed.

  • Allow downloading: This allows viewers to download the document directly from the link.

  • Expiration Date: Set when your link will expire, making the document inaccessible after this date.

  • Custom social media cards: Customize how your link appears on social media with specific images and descriptions.

  • Advanced Link Access Options: Access additional settings for further control over your document's sharing and access.

It's worth noting that you can revisit and modify these settings at any point to match your evolving document sharing requirements.

Link settings

When sharing a document via Papermark, you have additional advanced options to further tailor the access to your needs. These advanced settings provide an extra layer of control for your document's security and audience interaction. Here are the advanced link access options:

  • Require email verification: Enable this to add an extra step of verification, ensuring that only verified email addresses can access the document.

  • Allow specified viewers: With this option, you can create an allowlist of viewers who are permitted to access the document.

  • Block specified viewers: Conversely, you can also block certain viewers by specifying email addresses that should be denied access.

  • Require password to view: For added security, you can set a password that viewers must enter before they can view the document.

  • NDA or other agreements: For added security, you can set a password that viewers must enter before they can view the document.

  • Receive feedback from visitors: Turn this on if you wish to collect feedback directly from your document viewers.

Remember, these settings can be adjusted at any time to suit your changing requirements, giving you ongoing control over who accesses your documents and how they interact with them.

To change any of these settings:

  1. Navigate to your document's link settings in Papermark.
  2. Adjust the settings as needed.
  3. Save your changes to ensure they are applied.

By customizing these options, you ensure that your document link aligns with your sharing goals, whether it's gathering viewer information, controlling document distribution, or enhancing document security.