How to create a link to your document?

Learn the simple steps to create a shareable link for your document in Papermark, allowing you to track engagement and share with ease.

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Sharing your documents with a wider audience or specific individuals is made easy with Papermark. By creating a link to your document, you can track viewer engagement, control access, and ensure your document reaches the right hands. Here's how to create a shareable link for your document in Papermark:

Step 1: Upload your document

The first step is to upload your document to Papermark. Log into your account and look for an option to upload a new document. Papermark accepts various formats, with PDF being the most common. Once you've selected your file, upload it, and Papermark will automatically create a unique document page for it.


Upon uploading your document, Papermark automatically generates a shareable link. This link is unique to your document and can be used to share it immediately. However, if you require different settings or want to track engagement separately, you might want to create additional links.

To create more links to the same document, navigate to the document’s dashboard page. Look for a button or option in the right corner of the dashboard for the specific document you wish to share. This button is typically labeled “Create New Link," “Add Link," or something similar.

After clicking to create a new link, you'll be presented with various settings to customize your link. These settings include access control (who can view the document and whether they can download it), password protection for added security, and an expiration date for the link. Adjust these settings according to your needs.

Link Permissions

Once you've configured your link settings, you’re ready to share it. Papermark provides you with a new, unique URL for this specific link setup. You can distribute this link via email, social media, or any other communication channel you prefer.

  • Engagement Tracking: Each link provides its own set of analytics, allowing you to track how different audiences engage with your document.
  • Multiple Versions: Create multiple links for the same document to test different access settings or to share with various groups separately.
  • Controlled Access: Customize who can see your document and how they interact with it, ensuring your information remains secure.


Creating a link to your document in Papermark is a straightforward process that enhances the way you share and track your documents. Whether you need to share with one person or a thousand, Papermark’s link creation and customization options give you the flexibility and control you need for effective document management and distribution.