Document versions

Discover how to manage and compare different versions of your documents in Papermark, and compare the analytics.

With Papermark you can share up-to-date documents using THE SAME link.

How to update document versions in Papermark?

  1. Access your document: Log into your Papermark account and navigate to the document you wish to update. Each document has its own page where you can manage settings, view analytics, and versions.
  1. Upload a new version: In the right top corner on your document look for an option to update or upload a new version of the document. This feature allows you to replace the current document with a newer version without changing the shareable link. Version upload controls

The document link can stay the same.

  1. Confirm upload: After selecting and uploading the new version, confirm the update. Papermark will now replace the old version with the new one while keeping the document's URL unchanged.

New version

  1. Notify viewers: Optionally, you can inform your audience about the updated version, ensuring they know to review the latest information. Because now for thr old

Comparing analytics across document versions


With multiple versions of your document in play, comparing analytics can unveil how changes impact viewer engagement and content effectiveness.

  1. View document analytics: In your document’s management page, access the analytics section. Here, you'll find detailed insights into how your audience interacts with your document.

  2. Select version: Analytics in Papermark can be filtered by document version. Select the versions you’re interested in comparing to see how viewer behavior and engagement metrics vary between them.

  3. Analyze and adapt: Look at key metrics like view count, time spent on the document, and viewer interactions for each version. Use these insights to understand what changes led to better engagement or where further improvements are needed.

Benefits of using Papermark for document versioning

  • Updated documents: Easily upload new versions of your document without altering the shareable link, maintaining continuity for your audience.

  • Insightful Comparisons: By comparing analytics across versions, gain actionable insights into how each version performs and what drives engagement.

  • Keep the same link: Continue keeping the same link for the new version of the document, avoide sharing old documents


Managing document versions and analyzing their performance are crucial aspects of a dynamic content strategy. Papermark simplifies this process, offering a seamless way to update documents and compare analytics across versions. By leveraging these features, you can continuously improve your documents based on solid, actionable insights, ensuring your content remains relevant and engaging for your audience.