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Brieflink alternative to share pitch deck

Software to send your Pitch Deck with custom domain and track the analytics

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Modern document sharing infrastructure - open source Briflink alternative with AI-asssitant and custom branding


Papermark plans start from freemium


  • Open Source & Self-hosted
  • Analytics for each page
  • Custom branding
  • Custom domain
  • Team access
  • Data Room


Brieflink feature description


  • Advanced link tracking
  • Custom domain
  • Presentations interactions
  • AI-recommendations
  • Data Rooms
  • Custom branding

Free and open source Brieflink alternative to share your Pitch Deck Share your presentation with custom domain and branding

Open Source
This gives you the freedom to adapt and customize the tool to your specific needs.
Secure Document Sharing
Papermark provides a secure platform to share your documents.
Real-Time Analytics
Track all activity on each slide and get textual feedback on your deck
Custom Link Sharing
Make your link memorable for all investors.
Papermark leverages artificial intelligence to enhance its document sharing and tracking.
Community Support
Being an open-source project, Papermark is backed by a community of developers

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Jonathan Reimer
Jonathan Reimer

best thing is that all the save DocSend to PDF plugins that VCs use probably won't work 😁

Steven Tey
Steven Tey

This looks awesome!! Incredible work for an MVP – love how the link was automatically copied to clipboard when it's created! 🤩

alana goyal
alana goyal

looks so good! gonna have to steal that upload component 😍 congrats & thanks for the great idea 😄

Lukas Lunzmann
Lukas Lunzmann

Currently getting a lot of use out of .@mfts0's "papermark" project! I'm looking to see how he implemented Resend/React Email into his NextAuth stack.

Ted Spare
Ted Spare

We self-host Papermark at Rubric Labs for doc-sharing. Brilliantly-simple alternative to Docsend. Features are well-executed, so I can't wait to try new stuff!

True builders listen to their users and build what they need. Thanks @papermarkio for solving a big pain point. DocSend monopoly will end soon!

FAQ Everything you need to know about Papermark - alternative to Brieflink

Open source Brieflink alternative