Secure Google Drive alternative

To send documents and Pitchdeck with custom domain and analytics

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Select Open Source and Secure Google Drive alternative

AI-powered platform revolutionizing document sharing and collaboration. It enables secure document sharing, tracking, and storage, providing users with real-time analytics.


Free version is not available

  • ❌ Custom domain
  • ❌ Pitchdeck feedback
  • ❌ Secure link sharing
  • ❌ Analytics on each page
  • ❌ Team access
  • ❌ Hosting
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Free plan

  • ✅ Open Source
  • ✅ Custom domain
  • ✅ Advanced tracking system
  • ✅ Work as a team
  • ✅ Host by yourself
  • ✅ Pitchdeck analytics
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Share docs with ease

Share your Deck on custom domain

Free and open source Google Drive alternative. Advanced analytics, secure sharing document.

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Open Source
This gives you the freedom to adapt and customize the tool to your specific needs.
Secure Document Sharing
Papermark provides a secure platform to share your documents.
Real-Time Analytics
Track all activity on each slide and get textual feedback on your deck
Custom Link Sharing
Make your link memorable for all investors.
Papermark leverages artificial intelligence to enhance its document sharing and tracking.
Community Support
Being an open-source project, Papermark is backed by a community of developers

This looks awesome!! Incredible work – love how the link was automatically copied to clipboard when it's created.

Steven Tey
Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel

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