Page-by-page analytics

Papermark's built-in page-by-page analytics provide time and views insights on ech page of your docuemnt.


Papermark’s built-in analytics go beyond basic views and downloads, offering a granular look at how individuals engage with each page of your document. This advanced feature records the amount of time spent, reactions, and specific activities on each page, providing you with detailed feedback from your visitors.

Time tracking

  • Engagement duration: Measure the amount of time viewers spend on each page, giving you insight into which sections capture attention and which may need improvement.


  • Interactive feedback: Viewers can leave reactions on each page. This could range from simple emojis indicating their feelings about the content to more detailed comments.


Activity overview

  • Page focus: Identify which pages are most frequently viewed and which ones may be getting skipped over. This helps in understanding the effectiveness of your content flow.

  • Document navigation: See how viewers navigate through the document – do they read in order or jump between sections? This can inform how you structure information in future documents.

Why to use analytics?

  • Content optimization: Use the data to refine your content, ensuring that key information is being presented in an engaging and accessible way.
  • Tailor follow-ups: If certain pages have higher engagement or specific reactions, tailor your follow-up communications to address these interests or concerns.
  • Strategic planning: Understand which parts of your document are most effective and use these insights to plan future content strategies.

How to access page-by-page analytics

  • Dashboard access on each document: Simply log in to your Papermark dashboard and select the document you wish to analyze.
  • Shared data room analytics: Navigate to the analytics section of your data-room to view the comprehensive page-by-page statistics.


With Papermark’s built-in page-by-page analytics, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to deeply understand your audience’s engagement with your document. By leveraging these insights, you can continuously improve your content and ensure that your documents are not only being read but also making an impact.